Hi, I'm Alixe K. Tracey
and I'm really glad you found your way to this magical place.  You must have clicked through one of my videos or someone you trust told you about me. 
Before we can chat, click below to fill out a short application and tell me a bit more about you. I know your time is precious so I will only confirm our 1:1 if I feel I can truly be of help to you and to your business.

"I have achieved the ultimate freedom working with Alixe. 
My husband and I don’t work for anyone else anymore. We are just completely free in every way. Our son is now home-schooled and doing much better than before. 
I have no fears to anything anymore. Before the ideas weren’t flowing, now they are." 

Laura Powner CEO at Be Your Own Accountant + Coach

The business chose you and it chose you for a reason. 
  • You've got the perfect combination of expertise, knowledge, experiences and connections to carry it through and offer it to the people who need you most. But following through on the ideas you've been getting can feel overwhelming and that's normal. 
  • You may be wondering if the business idea is even supposed to happen. During our initial conversation I'll tune in for you and see what's truly blocking ease and flow in your business and where it's coming from. 
  • Emotions create confusion and frustration and keep you from clearly seeing the fastest route to your goals. I help my clients get pass these emotions quickly so they can regain a deep sense of certainty and effectiveness quickly. 
What you have to offer is worth moving past your fears 
and the inner critical voices you hear. 
"I have had a lot of relief and clarity since I started working with Alixe K. Tracey. I love working with her and I am feeling so happy and wonderful since we started. The day after our session, I had a $30k bill go down to $15k!" - Miranda Degen Velasquez, CA
Parvine's gains: sold her apartment after she had been trying for 5 years in Paris at her ideal price. In 2017 after clearing on money she manifested jobs paying her 1,000+ a few times with ease. Got to fly first class on an international flight after clearing and asking for it.  Parvine in Paris, France. 
"I feel like I received much more from a single session with Alixe K. Tracey than what I would have through months of counseling." - Jill G. Nevada USA
"Had Amazing Results Instantly"
"I started working with Alixe last Fall and had amazing results almost instantly.  She pulled my blockages out at lightening speed, freeing my mind and body to open the business that was waiting just inside me.  It was incredible to see it form without a ton of work on my part, it just became. Now my business keeps creating itself as I gain more and more clients.  Working with Alixe was the best decision I ever made and I would recommend doing so to anyone who is ready to have a job that works for them doing something that they absolutely love." 
Tamara Brouwer, Intuitive Coach
Apply today.
 Limited spots available.
Alixe K. Tracey is the founder of Get Over Yourself Blueprint™ :) - she teaches female business owners how to successfully make the leap from their corporate jobs to their profitable, soulful job as leaders + visionaries.  Using her psychic toolkit, Alixe shows women hungry for a change, how to 'get over themselves and their blocks', and let their business launch finally.  As a result of using the Get Over Yourself Blueprint™ clients have gone on to launch their businesses with ease and transition out of a job without loosing their shirts and their sanity.
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