A very special offer for my FACEBOOK friends..

...I can't stand by the side lines anymore... 
and watch my brilliant sisters struggle to launch their businesses
even with all the coaching and courses they've invested into. 

Is it happening to you too? 
..it keeps you up at night...

This new business idea has come to you  and you want to follow it but you wonder...

What will ‘they’ think...?

What if it doesn’t work? 

What if I fail?  …. 

...Will I ever succeed? 

You wonder with a heavy heart and a throat that keeps tightening up. 

Words aren't coming out and you wonder if you'll have to stay at that unfulfilling job for ever... 

Wonder no more. 
There is a solution.  

If you have a deep desire to be of greater service and share your idea with the world....

But your mind is getting in the way of your soul's project... I have a solution for you. 

I know because I too have been there. 

I too have had so much I wanted to do to help the world heal but my ego's negative beliefs was too powerful to let it happen. 

I was scared, I self-sabotaged, I ran away from good things and when they happened I sabotaged it all some more. 

It became impossible to create authentically and even hear my soul's messages. 

Can you relate to the never ending frenzy?

Without taking too much more of your time because I know how deeply painful this can be, I'll just say... 

Five little steps came to me during a morning meditation years ago and they transformed my life and how I related to my business.

These steps took me to a place of intuition and clarity I didn't know existed. They helped me reach such a quiet space inside I always felt connected, held, supported and taken care of no matter the changes in my life or business. 

Walking on this bridge from triggered to awakened and free truly is only 5 short steps.

The 5 steps helped me get things done without the ego's nagging fears. 

We just did it out of love and service and not out of fears of lack.   

And we launched a lot (a lot) of products and services. 

And we still are. 

Exclusive FREE Event in July 
The Soulful Business Meditation Gathering
 Walking the Healing Bridge to Remove all Blocks to Launching 

The truth is your business idea is here like an angel in your life to help you. 

And it choose you.

It choose you for you are the perfect mix of smart beautiful creative and powerful. 

It's 100% committed to help you. 

Can you feel it?

And if you've been feeling stuck - I have some free opportunities to walk the healing bridge with me over the next 4 Wednesdays in July. 

Now I don't like to make big promises because it depends on your commitment and how much you'll show up. But I know I'll show up to give 1000% and from that I can say you'll experience a definite increase in all the following areas below: 

  • Week 1: unwind the deep knots in your heart and mind about your life purpose and your business. 
  • Week 2: energy clearings away fears to taking things to the next level.
  • Week 3: clearing abundance blocks so you can receive with greater ease and flow and pay off debt.  
  • Week 4: accessing your higher self's confidence and creative energy so you create your best most magnetic work without burn out. 

Every Wednesdays in July we recorded the powerful sessions above. 

This is a high value offer I am giving away to help my sisters grain momentum and freedom. 

Alixe K. Tracey 

Founder of The Sisterhood of Awakening CEOs

Alixe K. Tracey wants to live in a world where everyone is super intuitive, knows exactly what they are meant to do and feel empowered enough to go after their dreams. As the Founder of the Awakening CEO Master Class, she’s been clearing away launch paralysis for CEOs to be (and getting them to finally quit their “no-longer-fulfilling careers”). 

She's currently living in the South of France, mostly in her vegetable garden with a fun little man called Hayden (whose 4 going on 100) and a beautiful wise man she married for happily ever after. 

Is Meditation a waste of time? ... I'm already so busy. 

The types of meditations I teach are unlike anything you've ever tried before.  

I guide meditations not only to create greater relaxation but specifically to open up your energy field to clear what's been stuck inside it. 

As a result you regain your authentic intuition and inner knowing to what needs to get done to achieve your heart felt goals. 

You’ll be saving time, avoiding burning out and making mistakes. 

I Finally Launched! 

Alixe is fantastic! I've actually never done any sort of energy healing before meeting Alixe. So I wasn't sure what to expect. I came to Alixe because I was feeling stuck with launching my business. I couldn't figure out what to write in my email sequences, I couldn't figure out what to do with my ad, I felt totally blocked- yet I was still trying to drive forward and launch- but I just couldn't seem to get there. Alixe helped me clear some fears and within the next few weeks, it was like wave after wave of insight, excitement and especially clarity were washing over me. She helped me FINALLY launch... Amazing!" 
Tracy Birmingham, Goaldie Coaching

Financial wins! 

"Alixe can fix even what someone might think is unfixable. I had no doubt Alixe could help me. I have been able to heal & improve my relationship with my middle child. I have learned how manifesting works & am manifesting both financial wins and other fun stuff. I have been able to work through forgiveness on a number of issues. Alixe pushed me to go further than I thought in my business and am feeling stronger than ever." 
Jaci Legge Elliott, 
 Founder of www.happinessbackpack.com
So when does it start?  

All Live Sessions are now over but you can still listen to the 4 Powerful Clearings in your Member's Area

What's a Business Oracle Reading? 

Because I have been meditating and offering intuitive based services (with energy healing and readings) since 2008 my intuition is rather strong. 

Yours will be too with time and practice. 

So if you have any business related questions from - 

"Am I going the right way...? 

"Is this the right person to hire...?
"Do you foresee any hiccups for my launch...? 

"Is there anything else I should focus on...?

"Is this the right lead magnet to grow my list... ? or the right business coach ... etc?" 

I tune into the energy of both your question, you and your business within seconds and actually can see many things you might be missing.

I share these with you in our private Facebook group on the designated day we do the readings. 

The Meditations will be Live 

It is my intention to offer both meditations live so you can be there. 

If the time and date does not suit with your schedule, all meditations and the 5 Step Manual will be available inside the membership area. You can purchase access to it below for $97. It will include all 4 recorded calls + the Manual and journals. 

The 5 Step Manual + Journals

Also available inside the members' area will be the the 5 Step Manual + added guidebook which often come out of discussion post meditation in our group.  It is meant to help deepen your practice, and take it even further to access your intuitive senses even more. 

Plus you'll have a journal of what you experienced and created as a result. 

"A 30K debt down to 15k in 2 days!"

The positive things happening in my life since working with Alixe, I recently found out that I am pregnant and being that I have a disabled sister and I am a carrier of her genetic condition and I am 40 years old, I am very pleased to say that the baby is healthy and is a little girl! Also, I just had a call with Alixe on Thursday and we discussed a debt that I wanted to diminish and today we got letters in the mail saying it was lessened by 50%! A $30k debt down to $15kin 2 days!! Really amazing how great it is to simply do the work and see the gains. ‪ I couldn't be happier, thank you Alixe! 
Miranda Degen Velasquez - California, USA

"Financial Freedom & Home Schooling to Travel"

I have achieved the ultimate freedom working with Alixe K. Tracey. My husband and I are not committed to anyone or anything, we don’t work for anyone else, we have no ties to anyone. We are traveling as a family of 4 to Australia from the UK - living our dream life. 
Laura Power - UK - 
CEO at Synergic Consulting & 
Energy Healer at www.LauraPower.com  

"Feel Freer than Ever Before"

With Alixe's help my relationship with co-workers and husband has transformed for the better. Within one call, I was able to shift to self-love and develop a ritual around self-care. It’s so much easier to make better choices in my life and business now. 
Joanna Ash, Singapore - 
Head of Brand and Corporate Communications 
& Intuitive Consultant, at www.sungoddesstarot.blogspot.com
Retreat Upgrade

Missed the Calls? 

Access all 4 Powerful Sessions + the 5 Step Manual and journals. 

For extra results, there is a member's area where you can lounge, take a nap, listen to the recorded calls + read through the 5 Step Manual and journal away to move past even the most stubborn blocks. It's available for a one time fee of $97. If you're feeling guided to come on in, here's the link to add it to your retreat ;)

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The testimonials on this page are for women who have taken a variety of my services - some who I have worked with 1:1, some who also participated in group energy clearing sessions and some who have followed me for years in all that I have been offering. I bring the same level of commitment and energy to all of my services and these testimonials are an accurate representation of their results and their experiences with me. Legally,  I cannot guarantee results or financial wins, but know their results are based on their own commitment to the program and how much they showed up and decided to receive from it. 

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