Challenge your Mind
to Heal your Pain
30 Day Challenge
for $1
Clear Lower Back Pain Issues
and Money Fears, Stress and worries

Do you ever wonder what's causing your back pain? 
Or any other kind of pain? 

What if your lower back pain 
was just your mind trying to get your attention
on stuff you haven't released? 

What if it was just a lot of accumulated thoughts and energies sitting there, causing pain? 

Would you want to clear it? 

Yes but don't know how? 

I don't blame you. 

It's not like they taught you how to do it at school.  
and there isn't a 24/7 fitness to sign you up. 

But it happens to be what I love to do and what I am really good at sharing. 

Hi I'm Alixe Tracey, and I am so delighted you are here - yeah!!! If you found your way here, it is honestly because you and I were meant to be here. 

I was not planning on putting this page together when I woke up this morning, let alone put together a 30 day challenge to resolve a very common problem many business owners and entrepreneurs have. 

Back pain and money issues. 

Go figure - why do those two go together? 

I know you might be in a lot of pain, so I'll keep it short. 

Download the clearing workshop, it's about 75 minutes, you will love every minute of it (if you happen to dig everything that is of spirit, truth and connecting vertically to source energy to find and clear old beliefs and pain). 

Then if you repeat the challenge 3x a week for 2 weeks and report back on your changes and share with me your personal assessments, I will gift you this recording and 2 others for $1 and that's it. 

Now if you get busy and can't fit in the clearings, you have a full 30 days to do it.  If I don't hear from you - it's ok - your card will be charged the regular price of only $99. 

Do you know why the rate of successful back surgery is down to 1/100? 
(Source: Food and Drug Admin).  Because most back pain is not due to actual physical issues.  If it were the case, surgery and medication would work, right? 

The mindset the person keeps having about her/himself is what causes the pain to come back.  

I have heard it hundreds of times now to know: if the doctors can't give you a diagnosis or the relief you seek -  it's probably because the issue is emotional on some level and what's emotional is energetic.

Oh want to know a bit about me ? ;) 
I am what I call a Freedom Mindset Mentor but really what I have been doing is read, see and clear energies in seconds for thousands of clients internationally.  I founded the Get Over Yourself Blueprint to help well meaning business owners to finally get over their limited I can't do it I dont know how to do it thinking so they can launch their biz and have it be really easy and flowing and fun.  

Yes! I do love what I do and I can't wait to meet you and see how this helps you in your life and business. 

Thanks for visiting with me!

Challenge your Mind 
To Heal Your Pain
Exclusive $1 Challenge

for December - January 2017 Only!! 

Sign up by December 31 2016

The types of meditations I teach are unlike anything you've ever tried before.  

I guide meditations not only to create greater relaxation but specifically to open up your energy field to clear what's been stuck inside it. 

As a result you regain your authentic intuition and inner knowing to what needs to get done to achieve your heart felt goals. 

You’ll be saving time, avoiding burning out and making mistakes. 

I Finally Launched! 

Alixe is fantastic! I've actually never done any sort of energy healing before meeting Alixe. So I wasn't sure what to expect. I came to Alixe because I was feeling stuck with launching my business. I couldn't figure out what to write in my email sequences, I couldn't figure out what to do with my ad, I felt totally blocked- yet I was still trying to drive forward and launch- but I just couldn't seem to get there. Alixe helped me clear some fears and within the next few weeks, it was like wave after wave of insight, excitement and especially clarity were washing over me. She helped me FINALLY launch... Amazing!" 
Tracy Birmingham, Goaldie Coaching

Financial wins! 

"Alixe can fix even what someone might think is unfixable. I had no doubt Alixe could help me. I have been able to heal & improve my relationship with my middle child. I have learned how manifesting works & am manifesting both financial wins and other fun stuff. I have been able to work through forgiveness on a number of issues. Alixe pushed me to go further than I thought in my business and am feeling stronger than ever." 
Jaci Legge Elliott, 
 Founder of
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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor am I qualified to give you medical advice. I can only help you clear energy and beleifs.  The testimonials on this page are for women who have taken a variety of my services - some who I have worked with 1:1, some who also participated in group energy clearing sessions and some who have followed me for years in all that I have been offering. I bring the same level of commitment and energy to all of my services and these testimonials are an accurate representation of their results and their experiences with me. Legally,  I cannot guarantee results or financial wins, but know their results are based on their own commitment to the program and how much they showed up and decided to receive from it. 

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